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Mindfulness + Compassion Retreat

Mindfulness + Compassion Retreat: Finding Your Own Refuge


Dates: AUGUST 11-13, 2017
Location: Sarana Springs, Chatsworth ON
2.5 hours north of Toronto located on 171 acres of forest, wetland and escarpment



*6 locally catered meals, guided teachings, and tenting area are all included in the cost.

This weekend retreat explores three key elements that bind together to create a whole-being experience. Mindfulness, Compassion Skills and Nature Awareness.

Sarana Springs provides us with a wilderness environment for practice from daily sitting and cultivating loving kindness to silent walking practice. Situated on 171 acres of forest, meadow, and wetland, where fresh water springs carve creeks throughout the property and small lake, ponds and a river, our practice expands to include the nature beings, the sky and the “wild” things.

With guided meditation instruction and practice in our temple barn, time for personal contemplation and insight, and a retreat structure that supports our wandering minds, we peer into the reflections that appear in our mind.
Mindfulness grounds our attention into the present moment and reminds us to come back when we drift away.  Practicing compassion is both a inner feeling response to suffering, ours or another, as well as  offering  kind actions that arising from our heart’s empathy.  During this weekend of group practice,  we will also reflect on our relationship outwardly to the world of all beings that support us, where we find our gratitude and the realization that we are interconnected in web of interdependence.

In this retreat you will:

  • explore your mindfulness practice in both sitting and nature walking sessions
  • unravel the threads of compassion and kindness as distinct skills in opening our hearts
  • enjoy local, mostly organic meals, and contemplative community living
  • swim, explore, and encounter nature on its own terms
  • choose your stay with either camping or B &B options

(Revs.) Andrew & Angie Blake
Kirsty Stevenson
( CYT) Maxine Iharosy 




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