Mindfulness + Compassion Training Program: SK STAFF

The Mindfulness + Compassion Training Program is made possible through a collaboration with the Mindfulness Project at SickKids Hospital and the support of an anonymous donor.

Our partnership with SickKids Hospital is an opportunity for us to share these life-sustaining inner resources with healthcare professionals. As an employee with SickKids, we want to support your attendance in this training program as much as possible so you can receive these tools in sustaining your well being while working at the forefront of our health care system.                                         
With the support of anonymous donor, we also have a limited bursary fund. Please contact us directly and let us know about your particular financial needs. In addition, you can apply for internal funding through the SCPDF, but first complete the Sarana Institute application to confirm your space.


Below, please find the necessary information to receive support from the SickKids Staff Continuing Professional Development Fund (SCPDF).

  • You can apply to SCPDF for the whole program cost ($895) or per module ($179). 
  • Paying per module is an option for SickKids staff to increase eligibility for SCPDF funding, and/or receive an earlier reimbursement.
  • If paying for the whole module and applying for SCPDF note that you do not receive your credit back from SCPDF until the whole program is completed (May 31, 2020)
  • If paying per module you receive your reimbursement back after that module is completed.
  • The dates below indicate the deadline application depending on when the course/module is set to begin:

SCPDF Appl​ication De​adlines:

August 6, 2019 for Module 1, 2 or Entire Program (begins October 2019)

October 1, 2019 for Module 3

​December 3, 2019 for Module 4, 5

  • Please note that applications MUST BE submitted by 11:59 pm on the application deadline above with all required sign offs.
  • Account for extra time in the application process. It may take a few weeks to receive manager approval prior to submitting the application for the SCPDF deadline.
  • If choosing to pay per module at $179 each you will have to select ‘Pay By Check’ on our application page (link below). You only need to fill out our application once, even if intending to pay per module for SCPDF purposes.
  • At this time we are not offering Module 1 as a stand alone course.
  • Payment can be sent by check, e-transfer or paypal amount to info@saranainstitute.org 


We are excited to be hosting our fifth cohort of our 9-month program and we look forward to your application.

(Rev.) Andrew Blake, Program Director
Maxine Iharosy, Program Admin

Programs inquiries or registration please contact maxine@saranainstitute.org