Opening the gifts of love & death

  “Love and death are the great gifts given to us, mostly they are passed on unopened.”     Rainer Maria Rilke Last weekend, December 3-4, sixteen from our Mindfulness + Compassion program completed Module Two–a two-day silent retreat. In the retreat, we rested deeply into our bodies as we sustained our mindfulness practice, alternating... Read more about Opening the gifts of love & death

Seeds of the Youth Program by Angie

“Gardening is about awareness and relationship—consequential relationship. It’s also about taking a stand and standing by your principles. At the same time, it’s about giving up control and learning from your mistakes…Meditation and gardening settle [us] down into the deep core of the present moment, they also shift shape and take on the world in... Read more about Seeds of the Youth Program by Angie

A Voice for the Youth by Maxine

It’s no doubt we live in times of dire consequences amounting to turbulent climate change, anxious populations, and the loss of lineage through species declineto name a few. There is a feeling I get though, when in the company of trees and sky, and other humans who have been softened by the teachings of nature,... Read more about A Voice for the Youth by Maxine

Lama Karma 3-Day Retreat

DATE:  SEPT 16-18, 2016 Hearts Opening:  The Practices of  The Buddha of Compassion             The (Ven.) Lama Karma offers us a unique opportunity to experience the traditional Vajrayana approached to meditation practice.  Born in Bhutan, Lama Karma teaches from two lineages–Nyingma from his father’s side and Drukpa Kagyu from his... Read more about Lama Karma 3-Day Retreat

What Is Mindfulness? by (rev.) andrew

 What is mindfulness? Perhaps another way to think about mindfulness is to ask yourself: WHAT FILLS MY MND UP?  OR WHAT IS MY MIND FULL OF? Maybe its stressful thinking filling your mind, like worrying about what others think of me, or fearful and doubting thoughts, like I’m going to fail my exam tomorrow, or maybe I’m really messing... Read more about What Is Mindfulness? by (rev.) andrew

A Day with Roshi Joan Halifax

 SARANA INSTITUTE IN COLLABORATION WITH THE MINDFULNESS PROJECT AT SICKKIDS HOSPITAL PRESENTS: A DAY -LONG  WORKSHOP WITH ROSHI JOAN HALIFAX G.R.A.C.E. Training Cultivating Compassion in the Human Encounter with Suffering  Roshi Joan Halifax, PhD, has been training healthcare professionals for over 35 years with skills to sustain themselves in the face of distress.  First developed... Read more about A Day with Roshi Joan Halifax
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