We hope you’ll join us for our free online Earth Day community gathering and practice session!
This is all-ages event includes mindfulness, self-reflection, and group dialogue on our personal relationship to the Climate Emergency.

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Earth Day Community Gathering w/ Rev. Andrew + Yana lead Maxine Iharosy

Time: Noon - 1:15 pm EST


In this session, we will be guiding you through a framework by eco-activist and Buddhist teacher, Joanna Macy. In her book Active Hope, she invites us to meet our ecological distress through four phases.

🌱The first one is gratitude, where we breathe into a place of joy and appreciation for the gifts of the earth and all that sustains our lives.

🌱The second is honouring our pain, which is an essential part of compassion training, where we turn towards the reality we are all facing with tenderness. This is the reality of species extinction, pollution, systemic imbalances, and earth extraction.

🌱The third phase is seeing with new eyes, which asks us to be courageous and bold in our vision for the future. This is where we tap into our “active hope” by tying together our gratitude with our grief.

🌱And the final phase is called going forth, where the path leads us to loving actions and sustainable steps rooted in our personal and collective vision for how we can better care for the needs of our earth and ourselves.

Together, our shared intentions become community motivations aligned with a collective vision to leave this planet in a better place for the future generations. 


No meditation experience required, just bring your love of our precious Earth.

Feel free to also have a natural object near you that reminds you of your sense of wonder for the natural world, or sit near a window for the call.

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Food and nature awareness are central pillars of Yana. Here are some participants from our summer retreat at Sarana Springs in Chatsworth, Ontario.

Need a little more of an introduction to us?

Check out our YouTube meditations with (Rev) Andrew Blake, one of our faculty members and co-founder of Sarana Institute. The ones listed below were specifically designed with young adults in mind.


What is Yana?

Yana is Sarana Institute's young adult-focused program serving those aged ~18-35. For us, it stands for 'Young Adult Nature Awareness', and yāna is also a Buddhist term meaning 'vehicle'. Our intention is to provide a “vehicle” to support you in realizing and manifesting your potential

Why is this a free event?

All of our Yana events are funded through donations. Because of this, we're able to offer reduced rates, free / by-donation events, and sliding scale fees. To make additional donations that support our work (and provide scholarships!) click here.

Is this just for young adults?

Our Earth Day Event is open to all-ages. We will be sharing some details about our upcoming Yana Retreat in August.

What is Sarana Institute? Is it a secular organization?

Yana events are hosted by Sarana Institute which is a secular mindfulness-based registered Canadian charity focusing on offering mindfulness training that awakens compassion in caring for ourselves, others and the earth. Yana events are part of our Yana program, and we also host a yearly mindfulness retreat for young adults called Yana Retreat.

Will there be a replay?

Yes. We will post the replay online and share it directly to all who register.

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