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Everyday Awareness Meditation Study Series

Everyday Awareness:
Make Mindfulness Meditation Inseparable from your Daily Life

Meditators! Join (Rev.) Andrew Blake for this powerful 10 week study series to strengthen your your meditation practice and integrate the profound impacts of mindfulness with your daily life.

Series includes structure, teachings and community to support your choice of either a 21 Day or 40 Day Sadhana of Daily Practice.


The transformative powers of meditation and mindfulness practices are ancient spiritual, and now modern secular, methods that require effort, patience, perseverance and consistency to receive and experience full benefits. Most of us struggle to actualize a daily sitting practice.  One of the opportunities in this next series is to commit, with the support of a community of practitioners, to keep a daily practice schedule. You’ll choose to commit to maintaining a 21-day or 40-day sadhana of daily practice.

As well, our weekly sitting group will continue to explore dharma teachings from its expressions from modern day teachers and from ancient ones, including the sutras and Abhidharma or Buddhist psychology. We will also continue to explore compassion and Tonglen practices as important elements in embodying “bodhichitta” or the awakened potential of the boundless heart.

Please note this series is aimed to support current meditation practitioners. If you are new to the practice of meditation please contact us before registration.

Jan 21 – Mar 24
7 – 9 pm
Canadian Mindfulness Centre, Toronto, or Via Zoom

*Please arrive by 6:45, our first sit begins at 7:00pm

*If attending in person, you are welcome to bring your own meditation cushion and supplies from home

Canadian Mindfulness Centre 1278 St. Clair West
2nd Floor, Unit 12
Toronto, ON M6E 1B9

Fee:  $275

(Rev.) Andrew Blake, Co-Founder, RP

Andrew is the Director of Program Development at Sarana Institute and along with his wife, Angie, is a co-founder. In 2010, Andrew was ordained as Buddhist Chaplain by Roshi Joan Halifax, a leader in the fields of compassion, caregiving and end-of-life. His thesis, Mindful Listening at End-of-Life, was recently published and explores the roles of mindfulness, empathy and compassion, from both neuroscience and Buddhist psychology perspectives, as skills to prevent caregiver “empathy fatigue.”

A teacher and educator of mindfulness meditation, Buddhism, End-of-Life caregiving, and his Mindful Listening work, Andrew has created training and curriculums at University of Toronto through the Applied Mindfulness Mediation Program, at Sick Kids Hospital through The Mindfulness Project, at Hincks Dellcrest Centre, as well as numerous conferences, hospitals, hospices and organizations involved in service, healthcare, end-of-life care, volunteer caregiving. In addition to his teaching, he guides individual and families at end of life and serves as an officiant at memorials and funerals.  www.andrewblake.ca

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  • (Rev.) Andrew Blake unpacks the practice of Tonglen for us. Tonglen is considered a very deep and advanced practice, a practice and journey born by the Bodhisattvas, or those who have chosen to free themselves and all beings. Like tonglen, that journey has many stages. Here are some thoughts to meet the reality of living in a world of Covid-19, supported by the 3 Stages of Tonglen: Equality of Others, The Four Types of Exchanges, and Caring for Others More Than Oneself.