10 Week Meditation Study Series

 Meditators! Join (Rev.) Andrew Blake for this powerful 10 week study series to strengthen your your meditation practice and integrate the profound impacts of mindfulness with your daily life.

Practicing Dharma is a path of discovering wisdom and compassion or transformative actions. To get there we sit and meditate weekly together.

Meditation practice is built on a foundation of skillful methods of insight, and feeds the development of compassion as the means to meet suffering and transform our life into meaning and joy.


Part 2: Ecodharma + Awakening to a Climate Emergency: Meditating with the Earth


We have entered the uncharted territory of global emergency, where “business as usual” cannot continue. We must take the initiative to repair and protect this world, ensuring a safe climate future for all people and all species.”

–Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama

In this next 10-week series, we will continue to explore the intersection between our sitting and spiritual practices in relationship to the
latest cries from scientists to heed their call to action before it’s too late.  The lens of this series will shine light upon
“mindful consumption” and we will explore the myriad of forms of consumption in our lives from the notion of Dharma, meaning this action leading to harm or to freedom.  Expect this series to open us up to the discomfort of changing patterns of consumption that have 

served us for so long, but may actually be causing the suffering of the planet and living beings.


Our current environmental emergency is known by many of us and yet, what is not so obvious are our inner and collective responses to crisis. Buddhist teachings often appear to be directing us towards self-liberation and freedom, a kind of self-transformation. How do we reach out with many arms to ease the suffering of the Earth and the fate of future generations? Are we blind to our part in the collective clinging to old ways of living, born of an epoch of colonial expansion, resource consumption and endless growth?

How can the teachings of “Engaged Buddhism” help us get out of our own way? These teachings ask us to engage beyond the cushion and explore, how can my dharma practice serve the world?  As a “little sangha” exploring the dharma each Tuesday night, we might ask ourselves: What is our relationship with the climate crisis and how am I engaging it? What core teachings, practices and precepts might awaken us to what some call the “ecosattva”. This fearless being sees we cannot continue with “business as usual” as the Dalai Lama shares. This being understands that freeing oneself is separable from saving others.  As you can see, there are far more questions here than answers.  I suggest we accept that we cannot do this alone.

Together, we will explore the writings of teachers such as David Loy, Joanna Macy, and Thich Nhat Hanh, who invite us to realize what Indigenous traditions have known for eons. This wisdom teaches that we are interdependent, or rather one of countless beings within our planetary family of “interspecies.” Join us for our next 10-week dharma exploration of Engaged Buddhism and Ecodharma by aligning our practice with the Earth… as we awaken to the climate crisis together.

Please note this series is aimed to support current meditation practitioners. If you are new to the practice of meditation please contact us before registration.


April 26th – June 21st, 2022
7 – 9 pm EDT
Via Zoom


Registration Fee: $250*

*The dharma, as spiritual gift, is not a commodity that is bought and sold. Our registration fees go to support Rev. Andrew and the work at Sarana Institute. If the suggested fee is a challenge for you, pay an amount that works within your finances. Everyone is welcome in our sangha, and finances must never be a reason not to join us.


Series Teacher: (Rev.) Andrew Blake, Buddhist Chaplain, Psychotherapist and Co-Founder of Sarana Institute

Andrew is the Director of Program Development at Sarana Institute and along with his wife, Angie, is a co-founder. In 2010, Andrew was ordained as Buddhist Chaplain by Roshi Joan Halifax, a leader in the fields of compassion, caregiving and end-of-life. His thesis, Mindful Listening at End-of-Life, was recently published and explores the roles of mindfulness, empathy and compassion, from both neuroscience and Buddhist psychology perspectives, as skills to prevent caregiver “empathy fatigue.”

A teacher and educator of mindfulness meditation, Buddhism, End-of-Life caregiving, and his Mindful Listening work, Andrew has created training and curriculums at University of Toronto through the Applied Mindfulness Mediation Program, at Sick Kids Hospital through The Mindfulness Project, at Hincks Dellcrest Centre, as well as numerous conferences, hospitals, hospices and organizations involved in service, healthcare, end-of-life care, volunteer caregiving. In addition to his teaching, he guides individual and families at end of life and serves as an officiant at memorials and funerals.  www.andrewblake.ca