Our free 8 Week Intro to Mindfulness Course starting October 14th is here to help you connect with yourself. Designed for young adults ~18-35.

Register for free here. Course starts October 14th.

Our next course starts October 14th, 2021! Register here, and keep reading for all the details.

The Intro to Mindfulness Course is here to help you connect with yourself during a time when there is a lot going on. With mindfulness practice we can access more clarity and self-compassion, and respond in ways that support our personal goals and values. 

Our free online 8 week course is created for young adults who are looking for inner balance while riding the waves of life. This course includes weekly classes with practical instruction in community, and an optional 21 day Daily Mindfulness Challenge as part of the process.

This foundational course is suitable for any level of mindfulness experience and is excellent for anyone who wants to kick start a daily practice. 

We begin October 14th.

Upcoming Dates and Themes

All gatherings are currently being hosted on Zoom.

Thursday, October 14th @ 7:00 - 8:30pm
every Thursday for 8 Weeks, including 21 day challenge.

Participants of past Yana Retreats at Sarana Springs near Chatsworth, Ontario.

About Yana and this Free Course

Yana stands for Young Adult Nature Awareness, and was created as a program for anyone transitioning to, arriving at, or navigating adulthood.

Our world is unbalanced, chaotic, unstable, and at times deeply overwhelming and anxious. Our parents, with the unavoidable limitations they had, didn’t fully prepare us. Our intention is to provide a 'vehicle' to support you in realizing and manifesting your potential.

The vision of Yana is to bring together an intergenerational community of people that support each other, allow them to share their wisdom and gifts, and explore compassionate actions for giving back to our world.

Here are some intentions and questions we plan to explore in our 8-week course:

  • Learn or expand your meditation practice; bring mindfulness into everyday life
  • How can mindfulness reduce my stress and decrease negative thinking, like anxiety and self-judgment?
  • Explore the breath in the body and how your nervous system can be rewired for ease
  • What stops us from self-compassion? How can being loving to ourselves help others, including the planet? 
  • Feel the support and strength of practicing in a group

Mindfulness is well-known for its ability to help become focused and grounded in the present moment. With the mind and body more at ease, we are able to see our thoughts and feeling more clarity and less reaction. With practice we can learn to be less identified with thoughts that lead to distress, and with training, we can reframe or even release them. This process is self-compassion in action, where we learn to connect with more kindness towards our difficult feelings, rather than to avoid, deny, numb, or escape them.

Join us on an 8-week journey to know ourselves better, build your mindfulness practice muscle, and maybe be a little easier on yourself. The one thing we hope you leave the course with is more confidence and way to practice mindfulness in your life.

The 21 Day Challenge:

21 days is sometimes considered the length of time it takes to rewire or change a pattern. The 21 Day Challenge is optional to participate in and is yours to customize. Throughout our Mindfulness course, we’re going to explore areas of your life where you want to feel more connected, present and fulfilled.

The 21 Day Challenge will be about you taking aligned action everyday for 21 days to support whatever is needed for you to transform patterns that are no longer serving your wellbeing. This might look like a daily commitment to a meditation practice, gratitude journaling, nature walking, yoga, or whatever aligned action will serve you. The entire community and our facilitators will be supporting you every step of the way. By week 5 of our course, we will have set our individual intentions for our 21 Challenge.

Course and 21 Day Challenge Facilitated by Rev. Andrew Blake, RP and Meditation Teacher, and Maxine Iharosy, Embodiment Coach and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner in Training.

The Yana Intro to Mindfulness Course is made possible because of the generous contribution from the Lang Family Foundation. Thank you. The Lang Family Foundation supports Yana initiatives out of an interest to support mental and emotional health tools for young adults.

Food and nature awareness are central pillars of Yana. Here are some Yana participants at Sarana Springs in Chatsworth, Ontario.

Need a little more of an introduction to us?

Check out our YouTube meditations with (Rev) Andrew Blake, one of our faculty members and co-founder of Sarana Institute. The ones listed below were specifically designed with young adults in mind.


What is Yana?

Yana is Sarana Institute's young adult-focused program serving those aged ~18-35. For us, it stands for 'Young Adult Nature Awareness', and yāna is also a Buddhist term meaning 'vehicle'. Our intention is to provide a “vehicle” to support you in realizing and manifesting your potential.

What can I expect from this Yana Course?

Yana Circles are monthly drop-in mindfulness classes that include guided meditation and other mindfulness discussions and activities.

Why is this course free?

Yana Circles are free because of the generous support of The Lang Family Foundation. We also encourage and invite you to donate to the Sarana Institute’s Yana fund to help us build this program and support the community as we grow.

How should I prepare?

All you need is a device to join us with, internet access, and Zoom - we'll send you the details by email leading up to the course date.

What is Sarana Institute? Is it a secular organization?

Yana Circles are hosted by Sarana Institute which is a secular mindfulness-based registered Canadian charity focusing on offering mindfulness training that awakens compassion in caring for ourselves, others and the earth. Yana Circles are part of our Yana program, and we also host a yearly mindfulness retreat for young adults called Yana Retreat (formerly the Mindfulness in Nature Retreat).

Cooking with vegetables from the Mandala Garden at a Yana Retreat.